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I secretly wish the fire alarm in my hall would go off so that I have a reason to talk to people when we're standing in the cold.

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Finally watched Eternal Sunshine.

Some things:

1. Kate Winslet is suppose to have an english accent.
2. Ditto to Tom Wilkinson.
3. Elijah Wood makes a great frat boy.
4. Michel Gondry is great, but he's too stereotypically french. I mean, his name is pronounced the same as 'michelle'.
5. Jim Carey can actually act in a way which doesn't remind me of Ace Ventura. And is good.

I'm not going to talk about the story in any way whatsoever, because Eternal Sunshine is just one of those movies which are simply put, excellent, but is impossible to describe in any detail without giving away important plot twists and spoilers which might possibly get me stoned by angry movie buffs. It's a bit like Fight Club in that respect.

Anyways the above points just serve to show what a strange collection of actors and director this film is. And how different can be good. Definitely makes it to the List.
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I read a comparative review yesterday which weighed the worth of two animated movies: Walt Disney's The Robinsons, and the anime movie Paprika. I have not watched either of those two movies but I know enough to see that this movie critic thinks that he's oh-so-new-aged when in fact he has shit for brains. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

So basically, The Robinsons is a typical Disney movie, light, humorous, good-hearted, family-centric about some family, which I'm guessing is named Robinson, in the future. Paprika is an anime which delves deep into philosophy and questions us about dreams and reality and multiple-universes (from what I understand). So what this particular review was doing was putting these two movies side by side and comparing them, and in the not-at-all subtly indicating that Paprika was a way better movie than The Robinsons, and in fact any Disney movie being produced now.


Ok maybe he's right, and Paprika is qualitatively Better on some scale, but what wakes the Indignation Monster within me are his god-awful sweeping statements arguments about why this is so.

Example 1: Cartoons nowadays are so typical, they follow a set way of telling a story, have a recognizable beginning, middle and end. So typical, just like this Disney cartoon. NOW this revolutionary anime here jumps all over the place and the story-telling is not linear at all. So complicated, so NEW. So much better. Disney is obviously a failure in not being able to make new and exciting cartoons.
What the fuck? What the FUCK? How do I even start to explain what's wrong with this argument? There's just so many layers of wrongness here it makes an archaeological dig look flat. First of all if you're telling me that simply because they make the thing fucking complicated that's why it's good, then you're ootayafuckingmind. By that yardstick it would make the Matrix Trilogy some of the best movies ever made. I don't know about you but that is simply not true.

Second of all, how can you even think about comparing a Disney movie to an anime for Mature audiences? Do you really expect Disney to make an entire paradigm shift and start to churn out Gory And Adult Animation With Heavy Themes like Ghost in the Shell or Tokyo Grandfathers? NO you stupid motherfucker. Disney is obviously a company laden with a tradition of making child- and family-friendly entertainment, which equates to understandable content and happy themes.

It's like if I were to compare The Lord of the Rings to, say, picking a movie at random, Fight Club. And I said that Fight Club is obviously so much better than that fantasy crap with such normal characters which act so nobly and predictably, with clear indication of Good and Evil, and everything ends happily ever after. Not like Fight Club at all, a movie delving deep into the main character's psyche and questioning our society and our role in it, with unexpected and complex characters and which ends with antagonist actually being I'M OOTAMAHFUCKINGMIND AREN'T I?

You see it's comparing two things on a level on which it shouldn't be compared at all. Just because they share certain superficial qualities, like being animated, and maybe having vaguely futuristic settings, it doesn't make it right to actually say it's better.

In conclusion, the writer of that review is a pretentious asshole.

Ok I'm done with ranting. On another front I'd like to explain my previous post/comic because apparently a grand total of one person understands it. Read more...Collapse )
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The truth about boys and girls
I think it finally hit me when I saw the cube necklace.

Those are rubik's cubes by the way. In case you thought that they were just holding colourful cubes.
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Because she insisted after my last one that I should do another scandalous ambigram.


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Please tell me you can see what's special about this.


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This man is an island.
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Pretty Di 
Well it seemed pretty funny at the time.
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Get born. Grow up with an oppresive and power-crazy older brother and crazy parents who you'd like to say are trying their best but if you think about it logically, they're not really. Grow up with a deeply ingrained inferiority complex and fear of social interactions, grow up to be the fat kid. Go to a boys' school for 10 years and make one good friend.

Parents get divorced. Go to stay with Dad and brother and rich aunt. Life gets slightly better. Become less fat. Do what you do best, score for you 'O' levels, go to a good school.

See girls up close for the first time. Talk to girls for the first time. Fall in love with the first girl you have a conversation with for more than 10 minutes. Go to lectures, write her name all over your lecture notes. Pretend to bump into her more than statistically normal, and definitely more that socially acceptable. Become blind to what is socially acceptable. Her friends laugh at you. Your friends laugh at you. Go home and emo. Go back to school and look for her. Confess.      She laughs.      'That's sweet' and all that shit. Never gives a proper answer. Stay friends.

Go through Junior College without anymore such scandals and with a lot more friends, and self-worth than you started out with. Reflect on the joys of social interactions and being platonic friends with members of the opposite sex. Get thrown into army to spend two more years with guys again.

Go through hell, think about her, come back. Repeat. Call her once a month. Start to go out with her once a week. Start to see her as your anchor to a normal life, fall for her again. She confesses that she's now going out with her best friend of the last two years.       You laugh.      'Well that was expected' and all that shit. Go back an emo. Leave her the way she is.

Go to command school to become a sergeant. Get told 'this is responsibilty'. You say 'OK'. 

Pass out of command school as a sergeant. See responsibility. Run away.

See yourself as a failure. Break your back to avoid responsibility. Break your ego and self-worth. Feel like shit. Revert back to you original pschosis and feel inferior to your inifinitely more valued colleagues. Start to be ostracised by your colleagues. Make friends with guy who better than you at slacking. Finish your stint in the army. Get a short and meaningless testimonial from your superiors.

Study in a local university, do well for your own exams. Do terribly for group projects. See lots of attractive girls, never talk to them. Meet a girl terrified of big groups, the one that all the guys never look at. Talk to her. Find out she's never had a boyfriend. Be her boyfriend. Look at the pretty girls and say you have a girlfriend already.

Go to a party for the first time in your life, walk past you soulmate and never see her again. Go back home and swear you'll never go for another one again.

Marry your girlfriend. Think about your first love, muse about the past. Make love. Think about your first love. Have two kids and a job which pays the bills. Grow old and then probably die.
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From the real journal:

I really care for her. I do. But it's not that I like her, or ever did. I just wished so...much that she could clear up all the issues in her life, Or that I could be that shoulder to cry on. Or that maybe that one day she would bloody cry for help and accept some.

And I can do nuts about it because

doing anything would be a cry for
attention like I want to be a bloody saint and teling her and everyone I'm so helpful.

I don't want to do that. All I want to do is help.

Help me help you. Help me help you.

That was the end of the rant. I thought I'd be different and emo about someone I actually did not ever have a crush on on Valentine's Day.

So to this one girl, I hope you've got lots of people who love and care for you now. I know at least one who does.

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